Claire Russell Verre Églomisé

Claire studied art and design at college and has always loved to sketch and draw. 

She has developed her love of drawing and combined it with her extensive knowledge of gilding to create works of art using the ancient and beautiful technique of Verre Églomisé.

Pronounced Verr Egg-loam-eezay, it is a term used to describe the application of gold leaf on glass into which designs are etched. It is believed to date back to the pre-Roman era. However, an 18th century French decorator Jean-Baptiste Glomy (1711–1786) was responsible for its revival and his name became synonymous with the decorative procedure - Églomisé. 

Her work is for sale and always on display in her studio in Gloucestershire and various art society exhibitions throughout the year in the UK and USA.

Gold leaf
Claire also creates etched designs on pendants, antique lockets and brooches, using the same technique as her miniature etchings.
For this piece, a 5cm x 3.5cm antique locket is used, together with 21.8ct moon gold (a blend of gold and palladium).
Moon Gold Leaf
Claire uses a combination of her own recipe water-based gold size (glue) and transfer gold leaf. Transfer gold leaf is still genuine gold but pressed onto a backing sheet of acid free tissue paper for ease of handling.

Monarch Butterfly
When an image is complete, 'Monarch Butterfly', the gilded side is painted using a contrasting colour, the colour of the paint only shows through where marks have been made or natural gaps in the gold have occurred. Claire uses a black enamel paint to protect the delicate surface of the gold, as well as to enhance and contrast with the design. 
Claire Russell at Buckingham palace
Gracing Buckingham Palace! 

Claire wears her locket at HRH The Prince of Wales 70th Birthday garden party held in May. 


Etsy - gildedmooncreations

Original art you can wear!

All pendants are hand gilded in genuine gold leaf, with each design hand drawn.